Listening to the Night

I’ve always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, giving me time to play with the pieces while I mentally plot whatever book I’m about to dive into. Lately, however, I find it fun to play with the puzzle pieces while I listen to a book. Never used to listen to books, as when me and my hubby would go on long trips … and I’d pull out a CD novel … he’d want to listen to the radio instead.

But in my little dining room, puzzle pieces spread out on the table (current puzzle has four dogs in a snowy scene), I’ve been listening to books … Moby Dick, Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole stories, and now my own Piper Blackwell mysteries. Cool beans. I have my own audio books, narrated by the magnificent Catherine Wenglowski. Listening to those books is giving me an idea what to throw at Piper and company next.

In case you want to listen to the Piper books, I’ve put the links attached to the covers. They’re through Audible. Catherine is getting ready to start recording The Dead of Summer, the third in the Piper series. Cool beans … yeah, that’s an old saying. But I’m old enough to use it.

Oh Christmas Tree

I’m a member of the Facebook group Vintage Christmas Lovers. I joined because my Piper books are set in Spencer County, IN, in which Santa Claus is the largest town. It is all things Merry Merry. I like to look at the pictures Vintage Christmas Lovers post. Some of the folks there have been debating when to take down their Christmas trees. I’d been debating that, too. Debate settled: I’m not.

Here’s the thing … it’s small and sits on a table in the corner and has all these beautiful little faerie lights on it that will twinkle in various patterns at the push of a button. It is decorated with ornaments given to me by friends through the years, including Star Wars, Star Trek, dogs, Green Bay Packers, and an assortment of handmade ones. The ornaments are memories, and I like to look at them. The tree is pretty, and I like to look at it. Makes me smile, you know.

The pandemic emphasizes that life is short; ignore people who judge you; find happiness in little things; and celebrate what you love.

I dunno … maybe I’ll get tired of it, but I don’t think so. It’s a pretty little thing, set up right next to this amazing diamond painting of Wrinkles and a shelf that holds photographs of my dogs.

With the pandemic, we’re not having folks over. So there’s no one to criticize my holiday decorations. When it’s safe to have people over again for boardgames and role-playing game sessions … maybe I’ll show it to them. Makes me smile, you know, all those pretty lights and ornaments.

Merry Merry.

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