One Dead Hippie

Jittery today. I always get jittery on book release day. The Love-Haight Case Files #1 is live on Amazon. Or dead. Or undead. It came out years ago from WordFire, but the rights reverted back and the most marvelous Craig Martelle took us on. So it has a nifty new cover by Juan Padron … who also created my Piper Blackwell covers and others in my line. And it inspired Donald J. Bingle and me to write a second book. If the books do well enough, I’ll start work on Love-Haight #3.

So … grab the first one if you haven’t already read it. Here’s the Amazon link. The second comes out next month. The book won three prestigious Silver Falchion Awards from Killer Nashville … and that’s an accomplishment.

Making the freakiest burg in the nation ten times freakier is a considerable achievement. —Glen Cook, bestselling author

You’ll find living, dead, kind souls, and former football players. And a good dose of mystery.

It started with a dead hippie. Well, he wasn’t dead in the original plan for the book … but then it was going to be set in the 1960s … until folks told me a book set in the 1960s would be a hard sell. So same character, but present-day. He was living then, dead now, but he still hangs around the law office of Thomas Brock and Evelyn Love. His name is Valentino, and he’s often jittery.

Authors get jittery because they hope their books sell, that people “get” the story, enjoy the characters, and relish the ride. You put heart and sweat and a lot of hours in the pages, and you want them to do well.

So I’m jittery today … and I will be a month from now when The Love-Haight Case Files #2 comes out.

And I’ll be jittery later when Piper #5 goes up.

Jittery’s not so bad, actually.

Just remember to wear flowers in your hair.

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