• The Bone Shroud, Boone Street Press


  • The Dead of Night, Imajin


  • The Dead of Winter, Imajin
  • Shadows Down Under, Catalyst


  • Pockets of Darkness, Wordfire
  • The Cauldron, with Gene DeWeese, Wordfire
  • The Love-Haight Casefiles, with Donald J. Bingle, Wordfire


  • River of Nightmares, Rogue Angel, Gold Eagle


  • Sunken Pyramid, Rogue Angel, Gold Eagle


  • City of Swords, Rogue Angel, Gold Eagle


  • Phantom Prospect, Rogue Angel, Gold Eagle
  • Submerged, as Jordan Gray, Gold Eagle


  • Eternal Journey, Rogue Angel, Gold Eagle


  • Dragon Mage, with Andre Norton, TOR Books
  • Goblin Nation, book three of the Stonetellers, Wizards of the Coast


  • When the Husband is the Suspect, with F. Lee Bailey, TOR Books
  • Death March, book two of the Stonetellers from Wizards of the Coast


  • Fenzig’s Fortune, Five Star Books
  • The Rebellion, book one of the Stonetellers, Wizards of the Coast


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  • A Taste of Magic, with Andre Norton, TOR Books
  • Aftershock, with John Helfers, Roc
  • Return to Quag Keep, with Andre Norton, TOR Books

2005: The Finest Choice, trilogy–book two, TOR Books


  • The Finest Creation, trilogy–book one, TOR Books
  • Lake of Death, Dragonlance, Wizards of the Coast

2002: Dhamon: Redemption, Dragonlance, trilogy–book three, Wizards of the Coast

2001: Dhamon: Betrayal, Dragonlance, trilogy–book two, Wizards of the Coast

2000: Dhamon: Downfall, Dragonlance, trilogy–book one, Wizards of the Coast

1999: The Silver Stair, Bridges of Time Series, Dragonlance line, TSR Books

1998: Eve of the Maelstrom, Dragonlance, trilogy–book three, TSR Books

1997: Day of the Tempest, Dragonlance, trilogy–book two, TSR Books

1996: Dawning of a New Age, Dragonlance, trilogy–book one, TSR Books


  • Maquesta Kar-Thon, coauthor, Dragonlance, TSR Books
  • Night of the Tiger, fantasy-horror young-adult, TSR Books

1994: Secret of the Djinn, Arabian fantasy young-adult, TSR Books

1991: Red Magic, Forgotten Realms, TSR Books