The Bone Shroud and a New Beanie Baby

I do the Snoopy Dance when I have a new book coming out. Always have. There’s something exciting about it, the culmination of a lot of effort. And it gives me the opportunity to put a new Beanie Baby on display in my office. Yeah, silly, I know. I have a dog Beanie Baby on a bookshelf representing each of my published books. I have a friend in Chicagoland that has a glass paperweight for each book she has published. Another author has a bottle of wine … she keeps the empty bottles. Trophies, maybe? I dunno. I like dog Beanie Babies and this gives me an excuse. I sent my buddy Steven Paul Leiva a red dog Beanie Baby for Christmas ’cause he had a new book — Made on the Moon. Here’s the link to that fine piece o’ fiction. I didn’t tell him the significance … book, Beanie. Anyway, I can’t put a link up yet for The Bone Shroud … it’ll come out the end of March.

I really like the cover.

So … what’s it about? It’s a suspense-mystery yarn set in and under Rome, with a side trip to another part of Italy. My protagonist is from Chicago, an archivist at the Field Museum. I like the Field Museum, been there a bunch o’ times. And I like the building; it has a good feel to it. Ah, but said museum doesn’t show up in this book. If people like The Bone Shroud, I think I’ll take my hero on an adventure in Chicago. A good character shouldn’t be limited to one book, ya know.

I hope my mystery is a little unsettling. It has food, wine, and death in it. The advance reviews are so good that I did another Snoopy Dance. I’ll share:

“Intrigue, romance and danger amid the relics of Rome’s storied past, with compelling characters and building tension that will keep you turning pages!”  Gail Z. Martin, author of Vendetta
“Strong characters, shady dealings, ruthless villains, a beautiful setting, an ancient mystery–The Bone Shroud has ’em all. Don’t miss it!”  Richard Baker, author of Valiant Dust

See, Snoopy Dance time.


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