The Infinite Bard Project

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The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) offers a free story every few weeks. Each is authored by an IAMTW member. It is a great opportunity to sample writing styles and genres. The list of participating authors is below.

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The Bards …

Chris Jackson

Donald J. Bingle                

D. J. Stevenson                  

Joan Marie Verba             

Sarah Stegall                      

Jean Rabe                           

Debbie Mumford               

Barbara Giorgieri              

Leigh Dragoon                 

Bryan Thomas Schmidt    

Wanda Shaner                   

Phil Giunta                        

Ilsa Bick

Ben Rome

Jason Hardy

Amy Laurens

Tony Jones

Mel Odom

Carlos Alvarez

Frazer Lee

Lyn Worthen

Felicia Fredlund

Kari Kilgore

Aaron Rosenberg

Carolyn Rowland

Lorraine Anderson

Dereck Attico

Dana Fredsti

Michael Kingswood