Will They Like It?

That’s always the worry, eh? Will they like the new book? The one I spent a long time on and did a lot of research for and chatted with professionals in various fields to make sure I got the details correct.

The Dead of Sled Run released today in ebook and paperback and so I’m occasionally checking Amazon to see if the sales rank is moving. Always exciting and nerve-twisting to release a book.

If they read it will they leave a review. Fingers and toes crossed I get reviews. The more reviews a book garners, the more likely it is for other readers to notice it and hit “buy.”

This is the sixth book in my Piper Blackwell series. The first, The Dead of Winter, was intended as a one-shot. But I was talked into The Dead of Night, and then I got the idea for The Dead of Summer…which gave me the notion for The Dead of Jerusalem Ridge, and after that I thought I should do something about Halloween, hence The Dead of Autumn. The Dead of Sled Run let me play in Santa Claus, Indiana, a real town I’ve visited a few times. I bought two ornaments at the Christmas store there and spent a lot of time wandering the aisles looking at all the amazing and pretty things. I have too much stuff, so I didn’t buy more than the two ornaments, which take up little space on my little Christmas tree.

One of the ornaments is a wooden high heel painted in green and gold and displaying the Green Bay Packer logo. I thought about showing a picture of it, but I have two dogs sharing my chair right now and I don’t want to make them move for me to go get a photo. The other ornament is a Boston Terrier with Missy in flowing script on a ribbon around her neck.

I enjoy setting mysteries in the winter … festivities to ruin, weather to complicate things, emotions tangled. But the next Piper will probably be set in the spring. I’ve started sketching some ideas. First, though, I’ve a barbarian to work on.

Hope you will give Sled Run a try. Here’s a link.

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