Feeling Good

It is wholly wonderful to finish a novel and send it into production. Makes me feel good, awesome really. Makes me want to go outside and toss tennis balls to my dogs until it seems like my arm will fall off … and that’s just what I did yesterday afternoon. I sent The Dead of Jerusalem Ridge, a Piper Blackwell Mystery, off to my buddy John Hartness who is a whiz with all things layout.

I like the book, it has fast and slow parts, mystery, bullets, dogs, and balloons.

Mindy Mymudes will manage a blog tour for the book … because Mindy is awesome and knows how to do such things, and she loves dogs, which makes it even better.

I have blurbs coming in. Here’s the first one:

“Jean Rabe weaves a deceptively staid tempo of a tale in this new Sheriff Piper Blackwell novel that quickly barrels into a starkly taut and terse murder mystery. The main plot, supported by a riveting subplot, is masterly crafted with an intriguing cast of characters, a unique setting, and an ending that feels like a double sucker punch!”  ⸺ Khaled Talib, author of the highly praised thriller, Gun Kiss.

You’d think I would take a day off to celebrate, right? Nah, it’s raining today, which means tossing tennis balls is a bad idea. So I’m gonna start a short story for a fantasy-game product. My setting: the swamp. That’s what the ground beyond my yard looks like after the past few days’ deluge. The ducks are happy. And then I’m gonna work on my Love-Haight sequel.

Got too many stories bumping around in my brain–gotta write.


The Dead of Night is going into production for an audio book. Catherine did an amazing job on The Dead of Winter and is going to carve out some of her summer to handle the second Piper Blackwell mystery. Hey Jeff Morse … isn’t Catherine the best?


My pug, Hunny, celebrated her first birthday. She’s on my lap as I type this. I can reach over her and use the keyboard. It’s safer, her on my lap. That way I know where she is.

Take Care,


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