Giddy about Spencer County

I spent a chunk of the day setting up ads for my Piper Blackwell books. The fifth–The Dead of Autumn–releases May 15. Exciting, you know, releasing another book … sending another one of your children out into the world.

In this one I let the supporting characters have some fun … Teegan buys a house. Zeke thinks it would be nice to buy a house. And Millie stops at several houses during one night on patrol. A lot of house-stuff going on.

And a murder. A murder mystery has to have a murder.

I have the book up for pre-order on Amazon. Here’s the link. I’ll have a blog tour and other promotion in an effort to draw some attention to Piper Blackwell and her southern Indiana county. Sheesh, promotion takes some time, eh? A part of my brain thinks I should use that time to write. I’ve a short story I need to tackle ASAP, and I’ve a fantasy novel outlined that’s burning a hole in my brain. But promotion is just as important.

And now … despite all the other things on my plate … I came up with an idea for another Piper book. I’ll probably spend a bunch of evenings outlining it. I outline all my books. My latest outline eclipsed 10,000 words. I can spend weeks on them. So … yeah, a short story, fantasy novel, and another Piper book. It’s going to be a busy year.

And I will find time to toss a good amount of tennis balls. In fact, I’m going to go do some of that right now.

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