Stucco on the Cover

Steven Paul Leiva is a friend of mine, been reading his stuff since I was on a jury for the IAMTW and read The 12 Dogs of Christmas. Delightful style. I’ve probably read all his books. He’s got a blog tour starting tomorrow for Bully 4 Love, his latest novel … which I had the pleasure of copy editing. Smoooooooth … even though there’s stucco on the cover.

It’s not a book I would typically pick up, as I mentioned in my blurb. I’m into mysteries and action, a good dose of pyrotechnics. But there is a bit of a mystery in Bully 4 Love.

Here’s the thing … I’m not signed up to host his blog tour, but I’m slipping in up front ’cause I want to sing the praises of this book. Sure, as I mentioned, Steven is a friend, and I love to boost my friends’ books. I should boost my friends’ books.

I’m slipping in ’cause I love the writing in this story. I love the characters, the play of words. The book made me feel something … anger, happiness, sympathy, and it made me smile. And I went back and reread some pages because they were that well written.

He’s put the book on sale right now for 99-cents.

It’s worth a lot more than 99-cents.

So you ought to go grab it now before Steven comes to his senses and raises the price.

There’s stucco on the cover.

How many ebooks out there can you get for a penny less than a dollar and have stucco on the cover illo?

It’s not a plot I would have come up with, or characters I would have crafted. And so I am envious. Envious enough that I had to sneak into Steven’s blog tour.

The book is a marvelous read.

Mom Kat and me give it 5 stars.


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