A Box of Rocks

I am a box of rocks sometimes … especially when it comes to technical things with web programs, macros, codes, and the like. More, I’m sometimes savvyless (yeah, it’s not a word, but it fits) when it comes to presentation. So I’ve been taking a series of courses run by the marvelous and talented Beth Terrell about promoting yourself as a writer. Last week she addressed websites, and I paid attention. I realized my site wasn’t as nifty as a lot of other writing sites out there. It was a smattering of this and that … because often my life is a smattering of this and that.

I write mysteries.

But I also write fantasies and urban fantasies. Some authors have two webpages and write under two names. I don’t have time for that. I think I’d get myself mixed up and make things overly complicated. But I paid attention to Beth, and I studied her examples of writer pages.

I can promote fantasy and mystery under one banner … using two subheads. I consider that a win. No longer are all my books listed together in a hodgepodge of WhatTheHeckDoesSheWrite. Two sides to a coin. Two sides to my writing life.

I hope my new website is a better reflection of my work.

I had some agents years back tell me I needed to stick to fantasy, as that’s where I was known at the time. But I wanted to write mysteries, too. I adore a good mystery. I couldn’t find an agent who would represent me both as a fantasy author and as a mystery author. So I don’t have an agent. And since I’m old enough … I struck out on my own to publish under my own imprint: Boone Street Press.

This allows me to write whatever genre I want. And I don’t have to wait a year for my manuscript to sit on an editor’s or publisher’s desk before he or she takes a look at it. Since I’m old enough … I know that life is too short to wait in a stack of submissions. I’m loving Boone Street Press.

Life is too short not to write what I want.

Indeed, life is too short to wait on a desk. And then wait longer to get put on a schedule.

Life is short, and sweet. Be like a dog, I tell myself. Live in the now. Write in the now.

And now … after the weekend’s playoff games … I’m gonna write a tale that’s both a mystery and an urban fantasy: Love-Haight 2.

Go Packers.

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