Sad Shoes and Concrete Conversations

Taking Missy to a vet appointment Wednesday morning, I fell on the concrete sidewalk. OUCH. I looked around to make sure no one had seen me. Then I picked my sore self up, thankful I’d held onto her leash, and trundled down the walk and into the office. Normally I’m clumsy. I’ve always been clumsy. Truth: when I was in second grade the teacher told my mother that I was clumsy and she should enroll me in dance class. She did. Another truth: the dance instructor, Miss Betty Nash of Ottawa, Illinois, told my mother that I was clumsy. Sigh. Dexterity is optional, eh?

Came home from the vet’s, took the dogs out to the backyard, and fell on the concrete patio. Twice in one day I shared whispered profane conversations with pavement. OUCH OUCH. (I’m still a tad achy.) I hoped the neighbors had not seen me. I picked my sorer self up, watched the dogs frolicking on the lawn, and discovered that while I am indeed clumsy–this day I had help … my right shoe was falling apart. The culprit in the attempted concrete assassinations was a Dr. Scholl’s leather tennis shoe. (10 years old.) The flapping sole was catching on stuff and trying to tug me to the ground. Here’s a picture of the villain. Yes, I should have noticed the problem when I put the shoes on in the morning and headed out. But my mind was busy with other things, and so I was not paying any attention to my feet.

I am fond of this pair of tennis shoes. They are sooooooooooo comfortable. I don’t care that they are a decade or so old, they fit me fine. I will attempt to fix the offender this weekend. Sure, I could buy a new pair, but they don’t make this particular style of shoe anymore. I looked. I don’t think anyone makes really comfortable shoes anymore. Double sigh.

I will also try to fix the above pictured pair. Another of Dr. Scholl’s fine designs. A leather tennis mule that is only partially separating from the sole. THESE ARE MY FAVORITE SHOES. They are 11 years old, and I am loathe to part with them. Sooooo comfy. Who cares if my little toe sticks out the side? I adore them. And the company does not make them anymore. Hasn’t made this style for years. I tried out a couple others of a similar style, and from other manufacturers, but they’re not as good, and so they rest on the shelf in my closet. I should probably give them to Goodwill.

I am an old soul and old soles are suited to me. If it is comfortable, I don’t want to give it up.

Old souls with old soles. I think I’ll use that in a book.

My Birks are 21 years old. Awful-looking. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. They fit me fine.

If the shoe fits, keep it, I say. I’m wearing this pair right now.

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