Death and a Roller Derby … Excellent!

When the teaser art mentions that the main character has to compete in a supernatural roller derby … after she’d been murdered, I had to jump on for the ride. I was lucky to get a spot on her blog tour. Check it out:

Who knew dying would be the easy part of my day? 

It all started the night Chase, my mountain lion shifter ex, reappeared. We’d had a whole good girl/bad boy romance going until he abandoned me a decade ago. I’d gone to Syn City for a little fun before being trapped in my hometown forever.  

Then I was murdered by a maniac and my night really fell apart.  

But somehow, Chase managed to strike a deal on a blood oath and bring me back as a Fury. He wants a second chance at romance, claiming we’re fated mates. 

Now, I have to deal with the guy I thought I’d never see again, find and punish my murderer, and participate in a giant supernatural roller derby (long story)—all while trying to earn my wings. 

And if I fail? I’ll end up dead. Again…only this time, it’ll be permanent. 

All I can say is that it’s a good thing hell hath no fury like an actual Fury.  

How to Date a Fury, the first book in the Syn City trilogy, is a dark, sexy, paranormal romance featuring a reluctant Fury and the shifter who broke her heart but wants a shot at mending it. Happily ever after (and plenty of snarky fun) guaranteed. Perfect for fans of Linsey Hall, Jaymin Eve, and Amelia Hutchins. Download today. 

Publication Date: September, 2022
Publisher: City Owl Press
Page Count: 232
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Mystery

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Check out this book excerpt:

“I’m telling you what you need to hear.”

“But why—”

“Because I can’t lose you again.” His voice roughens into a snarl, yet his touch stays gentle. “Not physically. Not emotionally. Not in any way. Leaving you behind in Petunia, not reaching out to you? I thought I did what was best for you.”

“Well, thank you for deciding on my behalf.” Sarcasm trips off my tongue like a brutal bless your heart. “Can’t have me thinking for myself after all.”

He smiles, and sex appeal rolls off the man. “Ma’s already ripped into me for being as dumb as a damn dog. Go ahead. I deserve double of whatever you dish out.”

            “Well, I can’t now.” I’m so dang mad that my can’t rhymes with paint. “It’s no fun telling you off if you’re already grinning like a possum scrounging a spam sandwich.” Now, he’s laughing, and I can’t stay irritated with him. I shove at him, and he plummets over the side to the ground oh-so-far below.

My heart stops, my tummy tornado-spins, and my lungs conk out worse than Momma’s old clunker. I shriek, scrambling for the edge and overcoming the sick making its way up my throat when the same seductive laugh hits me. Peering over the crooked, creaking slats, I stare the loooong way down. Darkness and silence greet me.

“Chase?” My voice sounds little, like after someone told four-year-old me that the Tooth Fairy was actually a horrible monster who wore the teeth of children around his neck into battle, not caring if the kid lost the tooth naturally…or not.

“Down here, Dot.” He hangs by his fingernails from the tree bark. No, not fingernails. Claws. He’s still in mostly human form, but he’s jammed claws into the wood like he’s picking his way along an ice-covered rock face with an ax. “I’m a shifter and a lion. You’d have to push me a whole lot harder to make me fall, and I’d still end up landing on my paws. Or claws.”

            “That’s not funny. For a second, I thought you’d died. Do you have any idea what that feels like?”

“I do.” Gone is his smile when he climbs to sit beside me. “Gods, when I found you lying on the path, bloodied and your heart not beating, I felt as though I’d been torn apart from the inside. I would’ve done anything for another moment with you. So you take all the time you need to decide what to do about us. I’ll be here waiting.”

Luna Joya writes sexy hexy romances in the award-winning Legacy Series.

Fluent in sarcasm and penal code, Luna prosecutes by day and writes at night. She loves history, especially Los Angeles and Hollywood lore.

A survivor of traumatic brain injury with steel body parts, she lives in SoCal with her combat veteran husband and their two-pound terror of a rescue pup.

Find more about Luna Joya on her website:

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