I sold a fantasy-horror tale! A sort of ghosty-vengeful spirit thing involving a tall ship. I was quite happy with it. Snoopy dancing happy, actually. I’ll let you know when it is coming out. Every once in a while, I like to exercise the scary. Not that writing murder mysteries doesn’t have some element of scary to them. Anyway, this being the season for spooky reads, I thought I would highlight some of my writer friends who are far better at sending shivers. AND, even better, they have scary reads on a discount. Check it out:

I’ll start with Creature Feature by Steven Paul Leiva. I own this book, and the audiobook. The ebook is on sale for another week for 99-cents and is hooked to a big discount on the audiobook. Honestly, this is my favorite audiobook ever (well, of all the audiobooks I’ve listened to). Narrated by folks who starred in the Castle TV show, I’ve listened to it three times and will take a fourth listen through it before Halloween. Here is the link to the ebook.

Stephen D. Sullivan has been reading this serialized novel to our writers group. What gory fun! If you enjoyed The Meg or Jaws or other shark movies, you’ll love it. Check it out here.


Christine Verstraete is an award-winning author of zombie fiction. I had originally written award-winning zombie author, but that would imply that she is undead. As a follow up to her Lizzie Borden Zombie Hunter, she penned The Haunting of Dr. Bowen, who was Lizzie’s physician. She has it on sale for a few days for 99-cents. Here is the link, bet you’ll like it. I have a copy on my bookshelf.

October is a great time for eerie reading and writing. Don Bingle and I wrote two books about a dead attorney in San Francisco. The Love Haight Case Files #1 and #2 … and they’ve been combined into one super-big book…. 779 pages. Here is the link.

The Dead of Autumn features a Halloween party, a Dutch Knuckle barn, and a couple of murders. I have the book on sale for a few more days. A whopping 99 cents for the ebook. Here is the link.

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