Warren’s Crocodile Man

And Steve’s monster shark on a nude beach, and Chris’ zombies. I look forward to hearing their adventures every other week … a fortunate offshoot of the unfortunate pandemic.

When I lived in Kenosha, WI, I was part of a marvelous writers’ group that would meet once a month at this restaurant on Route 50. We would read sections of our works-in-progress, and listen to the critiques. It was invaluable. I lost that when I moved to Illinois, and I live in a tiny town that has no such group … and though the library asked if I wanted to start one, I declined. I was looking for writers experienced with critiquing.

But when the pandemic forced the Kenosha writers to meet online via Skype, I got to rejoin them. As did another previous member who had moved out of the area. It was sort of like old times. In a way, better, because the meetings changed from monthly to twice a month. I’ve been reading them chapters from my w-i-p Piper Blackwell book, and they’ve been pointing out ways to make the story better.

Warren got me to add more sensations and impressions here and there … which made my character Nang happy, as he is a chef and Piper’s significant other. Warren has a crocodile man in his novel. It’s his first novel, but it definitely does not read like a first book. It is contemporary, eerie, has a tinge of a squish factor, and a main character who writes mystery books. I look forward to hearing a chapter or two every other week. I need to know when the crocodile man will appear.

Steve is serializing a novel on Amazon called MONSTER SHARK ON A NUDE BEACH. It is a fun read. Click on the title to go to the Amazon listing. I love shark week, Benchley books, and Steve’s stories. Nifty to hear the chapters before they’re posted online.

Steve R. has a book coming out soon. I’ll post a link when it’s ready. He writes intricate fantasy yarns and has a knack for describing magic.

Chris V

Chris … she writes ZOMBIES. Okay, she writes a lot of stuff in various genres. I just finished reading a Christmas mystery short story she’s going to shop. I love listening to her during the writers’ meeting because she always surprises.

Hopefully when they go back to meeting in person they continue to hold an online session once a month so me and Steve R can participate. Piper Blackwell is better for it.

Writers’ groups are a good resource for novelists, no matter how many or how few books you’ve authored. There are some solid writers’ groups on Facebook to consider; I belong to one and have resisted joining others because I don’t want to take more time away from writing … my cadre of dogs already do that.

Hey, Warren … looking forward to more crocodile man in a few days.

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