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I love snippets. They make me curious about a book, and I certainly love books. I fall victim to snippets, as a good one has me venturing to Amazon to buy the whole thing. Soooooo many snippets have caused me to fill up my Kindle. Yeah, I have to get that thing to increase its memory.

The snippet for this nifty book had me hit the ‘buy’ button again. Gotta love books and snippets. One of the great things about being fortunate enough to host a stop on an author’s blog tour is to be teased with new genres and settings … and to find new authors to follow. Several of my buddies have recommended Jess Hardy to me. And they’re right. She’s a good read. Hope you enjoy the snippet I offer to you this morning. And at the end, there are links and a chance to win a prize.

Freddie had the focus of a child in a toy store as she ushered him from the ballroom to his pod. Everything was “fascinating” or “magnificent,” that light fixture, this doorway, even the carpet. The carpet on deck twelve was evidently the most amazing thing since the discovery of faster-than-light drives. When they finally reached his pod, she took his hand and pressed it to his security panel, which he spent another thirty seconds marveling at.

                “How do these even get made? Who? Who is able to make these?” His voice dropped to a reverent whisper as he ran a fingertip over the panel again. “Geniuses, that’s who.”

                Sunny couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore. He was absolutely absurd.

                “All right, you. Water, then bed,” she instructed, finding a glass on his dresser and filling it with water from his sink.

                “No.” He shook his head. “No bed. Shower, let’s take a shower. Take a shower with me. Please. Please, please, please.”

                His pleading would have been much more persuasive if he hadn’t already crawled onto his bed, fluffing one of his pillows between his hands in pure wonder. “These are so fluffy. How have I never noticed how fluffy these are?”

                She placed the back of her hand over his forehead. “You’re hot, darling. Drink.”

                “No, you’re the one who’s hot, and gorgeous. And why does my mouth feel like I’ve eaten fifty balls of cotton?” He opened and closed his mouth in demonstration.

                “I think this will help,” she said, handing him the glass of water.

                “Yes. Yes, you’re right. You’re so smart.” After staring at the water, spinning the glass in his hand for a moment, he guzzled it down.

                Sunny spun to fill the glass a second time, but when she turned back around, he had already passed out with his face smushed into one of his fluffy pillows, looking like a contented little baby.

Amazon: http://mybook.to/LITOW

Rafflecopter prize drawing:

URL: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/9751c04260/?

Author’s Social Media Handles:

Twitter: @JessKHardy2000
Facebook: @JessKHardyBooks
Instagram: @jesskhardy_author

Book Blurb:


On this deep space pleasure cruise, love is in the recycled air.

Sunastara Jeka is passionate about two things: (1) meeting the needs of the varied species who holiday aboard her interstellar pleasure cruise during the day, and (2) avoiding attachments when the occasional guest meets her needs at night.

Sunny’s life is simple, straightforward, and safe until a former one-night stand becomes her newest crew member.

Freddie has never forgotten that night with Sunny. He’s ecstatic to see her again, until she tells him she never dates her coworkers. Determined not to lose this confident, sexy, hysterical woman again, Freddie bides his time, pursuing a purely professional relationship with Sunny when they’re on the clock, while he slowly charms her senseless after hours.

As Sunny breaks her own rules about workplace romance, her tragic past and a heartbreaking betrayal thrust her orderly life into chaos.

When a hostile species holidays aboard the ship, endangering VIP guests and even the known universe, Sunny and Freddie must decide. Will they let the gravity of their pasts keep them apart, or risk it all for love and fight for their future together?

Content Warning: Prior to the events of this book, the main character lost a child. She continues to process this loss throughout this story.


Publisher: City Owl Press: Mystic Owl (September 9, 2021)

Publication Date: September 9, 2021

Language: English

Print Length: 240 pages

Genre: Scifi/Space Romance/Second Chance Romance/Office Romance

Check it Out On Amazon: http://mybook.to/LITOW

About the Author:

Speculative and contemporary romance writer of The Bench (Evernight Publishing), Missing Charlie (Black Rose Writing), and the forthcoming Love in the Time of Wormholes scifi-romcom from City Owl press.

Find her on social media or on her website at: https://jesskhardy.com/

Represented by Kim Lionetti at BookEnds Literary Agency.

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